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While families around the country are preparing for a day spent with family and friends, feasting on a lovingly prepared meal and enjoying the countless football games that will surely follow, thousands of law enforcement officers will be working to protect our communities.
For officers working on Thanksgiving, the fact that family and domestic partner violence typically increases 22% on this day is no surprise. There are increased calls as family members who normally manage to avoid each other get into more than just heated arguments not to mention custody disputes between divorced or estranged parents. Add alcohol and passionate football rivalries to the mix, and officers have their hands full. Later in the evening, the crush of “Black Friday” shopping begins with many retailers opening their doors to large crowds vying for limited “door buster” specials and the potential for disorder increases dramatically.
The emotional toll of working Thanksgiving can be substantial for an officer and his or her family. Many officers feel like they are disappointing children, spouses, other family members, as well as themselves. Additionally, because the holidays are a time for reflection, officers, like anyone else, are susceptible to feelings of melancholy.
Anyone that has an emergency has access to help because of these men and women who give selflessly of themselves for less pay than most fast food managers. While serving as a police officer does come with its personal rewards, the dangers and lack of respect or appreciation shown by so many as of late, are extreme. These officers have families; they are our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. They are heroes and they have earned our gratitude.
In 2015, a group of businesses and individuals came together to show their gratitude to our local law enforcement personnel. With the help of many wonderful people, we were able to provide a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to about 130 police officers in Cobb County. This effort became known as “Blue Thanksgiving” and was a huge success. Officers in Marietta, Kennesaw, and Cobb County Pct. 1 were provided hot meals on Thanksgiving Day. In addition, the Riverdale police department was provided trays of Danish, sandwiches, chips and desserts, delivered by our son, an officer in that department, who worked a 12-hour shift that day.
This year, we are once again planning to provide Thanksgiving dinner to these fine men and women, and we hope that you will join our effort. If you would like to help, either physically with food preparation and/or delivery or financially with a donation, please contact us. Your contribution will be recognized in a poster-card delivered along with the meals, but, more importantly, this will be one of the most satisfying things you will do this holiday season. The police officers will appreciate not only the hot meal, but knowing that their service and their sacrifice is recognized and appreciated.
To find out more, or to volunteer to help, call us at 770-419-4027. You can also contact us at or via facebook Donations can be sent to PO Box 5238 Marietta, GA 30061. You can also call, and we will come pick up! Please make checks payable to “Blue Thanksgiving”.
Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Kimberly and Douglas A Hill

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