The Craft of Foilstamp

Sure glitter can add sparkle, but foil can add a bright shine and elegance to any design. Your guests will notice the distinguishable addition of a foil stamped invitation, setting yours apart from all the rest!

The process of foil stamping has evolved and simplified from the late 1800s. A custom invitation can now be created using heat, pressure, metal dies and foil films, available in a variety of distinct colors.

Foil invitations are so popular that we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Choose from a variety of design styles, add an amazing foil color, and we’ll craft an unforgettable invitation.

Rustic Save the Date!

We all know that sending a save the date card is the best way to get guests to mark their

Wheat ears on the wooden background. Top view.
Wheat ears on the wooden background. Top view.

calendars. And it can be extra fun if you are planning a rustic wedding; this popular theme offers so many different options!

Of course you’ll want to find a save the date that reflects your rustic wedding’s unique theme, style, and palette.

This fun Rustic Sign Post Save The Date sets the tone, incorporates the perfect rustic elements and we think it would look great with your wedding.

Incorporating the fun, rustic theme of the invitation throughout the rest of your day is simple! Add touches of natural beauty to your wedding attire by using burlap and lace in your boutonnieres and bouquets, and pin delicate wild flowers to your hair-do.

Decorate tables using real wood slabs with wild flower and burlap arrangements as your centerpieces and place candles around the tables for ambiance. You could also hang up rustic wooden signs around the venue so guests know where the bar or the dessert table is located. And for an extra special treat, serve your guests drinks in mason jars.

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Tips for picking the perfect pre-wedding gift for your soon to be Mrs.

Choose something that holds meaning to both of you:VJP_8204-1blog

Love baseball? Surprise your new Mrs. with a pair of tickets to an upcoming game and plan a day full of relaxation to kick back and enjoy after the wedding.

Surprise her with a piece of jewelry that matches her new wedding set. Visit the jeweler you purchased her ring from for recommendations on other pieces that would coordinate nicely.

Not taking a honeymoon? Surprise her with a weekend getaway following the wedding – a “mini-moon”. Choose your favorite vacation spot, or maybe the spot you got engaged. You can plan spots for dinner or special sight-seeing adventures, but be sure to leave yourselves plenty time to just relax and enjoy each other.

Gifts aren’t always necessary, but handwritten notes are. Be sure to give her a meaningful message before you see her for the first time on your big day. Tell her why you can’t wait for her to be your Mrs., reminisce about past events throughout your relationship and let her know why she’s “the one”. Then have a member of the bridal party deliver your message.

Perfect bachelorette party gift bag

It’s the day after the bachelorette party and you and all the other ladies have one thing in common – you all may have partied a little too hard.HangoverKitBagsWeb-710x710

There was one too many glasses of champagne consumed and you all danced long and hard. We understand, it’s a great time to celebrate!

Make sure you have our new Hangover Kit – Cotton Bag to pass out to everyone to help get through the day. These gift bags are 100% cotton favor bags with “Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit” design printed in fuchsia on the front.

Stock them with all the necessities the night before, then give them to the ladies before heading out for the night. The other ladies will appreciate it and the bag is a great memento to keep from the party.

The Groom’s Cake: A Sweet Wedding Custom

Groom’s cakes can be traced back to England’s Victorian era, when there were three cakes at a wedding – the wedding cake, which was served to the guests; the groom’s cake, which was served to the groomsmen; and the bride’s cake, which was served to the bridesmaids.Groom's Cake

The earliest groom’s cakes were actually fruitcakes! Thankfully, fruit cake no longer rules as the flavor of choice, but groom’s cakes are still usually made of dark chocolate with fruit or liqueur, perhaps to contrast with the white or light-colored traditional wedding cake. These days, almost anything goes for the groom’s cake, from intricate designs customized to the gent of honor’s favorite hobbies, to the red velvet armadillo made famous by Steel Magnolias. Some groom’s cakes aren’t even cakes at all but towers of Oreos and glasses of cold milk, hot doughnuts passed on trays, or a spread of favorite childhood treats baked by mama.groom's cake3

Groomsmen everywhere would no doubt be terrified to learn that the male half of the bridal party used to be responsible for whipping up the groom’s cake on the morning of the wedding, but it’s true! Legend also holds that if an unmarried woman sleeps with a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow, she’ll dream of her future husband.Groom's cake1

We can’t support singling out your single friends, but we think to-go boxes filled with cake would make any wedding guest quite pleased at the end of the night. Whatever sweet you decide to serve, and whenever or however you choose to serve it, make sure the groom’s cake is an obvious nod to your handsome beau. This one’s all about him!  Groom's cake2

Spring Floral Favorites!

SpringFavFloralsBlogSaying we love flowers is an understatement! We can’t get enough of flowers. Like honestly, there are thousands and thousands of gorgeous ways to use flowers at your wedding! Of course we have our favorites and since it’s spring, we have quite a few.

• Anemones
These are a bridal favorite with a season starting in October and ending in May. With multiple colors to choose from, try pairing with lavender and ranunculus for a unique look. Anemones also make a nice boutonniere.

• Peonies
Peonies have large blooms making them budget friendly since you don’t have to use as many to get a full bouquet or centerpiece. Peonies complement all types of weddings making them popular during their bloom season between early spring through late June.

• Hydrangeas
These gorgeous flowers come in many different colors and are often popular in the summer. With Hydrangeas you get more blooms for your buck, each stem is so voluminous. Try pairing with peonies or roses.

• Tulips
Since Tulips are in season from mid March to May, it is no surprise they are a bridal favorite in the spring. Try pairing tulips with baby’s breath or peonies.

• Gerbera Daisies
Coming in a multitude of colors isn’t the only reason this beautiful flower is popular, daisies are also in season all year around. Daisies have a natural look and when paired with green accents and flowers, like roses, can make for a gorgeous bouquet or centerpiece.

Remember to pick flowers that are in season to keep costs down. Going a simple route can also help stay within budget and make your wedding look more organized.

We’re loving: Natural Weddings

Into_The_Forest_blog   Into the forest RSVPLove the soft and romantic natural wedding vibe? We do, too! The birch, knotty pine, twigs, succulents, pine cones, fresh-cut leafy greens and that peaceful outdoor setting – we can’t get enough.

And that’s exactly why we love our Into the Forest invitation. This woodsy invitation features a soft birch forest design, creating the perfect introduction to your big day.

Incorporating the romantic, natural theme throughout the rest of your day is simple – just let nature do the work! Add touches of natural beauty to your wedding attire by using twigs, ferns or even sprigs of cotton in your boutonnieres and bouquets, and pinning stems of greens and delicate flowers to your updo. Decorate using real wood slabs with leafy green arrangements as your centerpieces and pinecones as place card holders. For an extra special treat, serve your guests fresh-baked pie instead of cake.